Haddonfield’s Veronica’s Restaurant Resurrected as Ralic’s Steakhouse

Passing by the old Veronica’s storefront on Haddon Avenue today on my way to a pre-Girls Night Out in Haddonfield coffee I noticed a new sign hung from the restaurant’s awning. Being my nosey (and general hungry) self I ventured inside to inquire about the change.
The host informed me they switched over last week and was kind enough to let me borrow a menu. The appetizers were especially interesting with selections like gopri, warm goat cheese topped with apricot preserve on a toasted baugette, and cevapi, ground and seasoned meat served fingerling style on flatbread with sour cream and an eggplant/roasted pepper spread! Unaware of the origins of such delicious soundin dishes, I Googled. According to the all-knowing search engine the cuisine is part of the Ottoman tradition.

Hopefully they’ll still be open tonight and I’ll get to try! Menu pic to follow 🙂

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4 Responses to Haddonfield’s Veronica’s Restaurant Resurrected as Ralic’s Steakhouse

  1. david ralic says:

    The menu you recieved is not going to be the new menu. It was a menu to finish out the month. Ralic’s will relaunch may 2011 with a completely new menu featuring steaks and fine dining dishes.

    • colleen1985 says:

      Can’t wait! When you have the menu up and ready for viewing please send us the link.

    • central256 says:

      Is it the same owners? Did Veronica’s move? Does anyone else know of a good Balkan/Mediterranean restaurant close by?

      • colleen1985 says:

        According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, the owner of the previous concept, Veronica Ralic, moved aside for cousin Mike Nikola and brother David Ralic to rake the reigns. The restaurant reopens May 12th with former Hell’s Kitchen contestant Ed Battaglia in the kitchen.

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