About jerzEATS

Journalist by trade, Cook by tradition and Foodie by birth.  I’m Colleen and in looking for a way to share my enjoyment of food and love of a good deal I decided to finally start my blog.  As you can tell by the title, I’ll be focusing on New Jersey food culture but hailing from the southern portion of the state it’s impossible not to venture over the bridge for some culinary enrichment in Philly!  (I might go on the occasional food road trip too!)

A nerd at heart, I love cruising web pages for restaurant deals to pass on to my friends and family.  They call me “The Concierge.”  So if you like to know not only where to go but when–stay tuned for deals, coupons, happy hours, event listings, and for when you want to stay in for the night some tricks and recipes gleaned from my favorite places.

Who’s Colleen?

A graduate of Boston University’s College of Communication, Colleen currently works in Cherry Hill as a marketing assistant and freelance videographer/multimedia editor. She is also a tap teacher at Barrington’s Next Stage Dance and Drama Academy. Prior to her work in New Jersey, Colleen danced and choreographed for BU On Tap and helped coordinate the annual Boston Dance Cooperative, a show geared toward building relationships among college dance groups in the Greater Boston area.  Her past credits include captain of the Baronettes dance team for the former Ocean City Barons Professional Development soccer team, tap choreographer for Paul VI High School’s performances of “Anything Goes” and “Beauty and the Beast,” and continued involvement with the Project Dance annual arts festival.  Colleen credits her mother for her love of good food and talent in the kitchen, and hopes they’ll one day get to open that bake shop!

5 Responses to About jerzEATS

  1. Caroline says:

    WOuld you be interested in doing a wine review? Email me, please @ chelper@thebadishgroup.com thanks!

  2. Ramona C says:


    This is such a great blog. Keep up the good work. I love reading your stories.

  3. allieatfood says:

    Hey Colleen! Love your blog, so nice to see some SJ food finds. I’m from the area and was so excited when I found your site. Ive written about some restaurants in the area too. Cant wait to keep reading.

  4. Anne Gurdgiel says:

    Colleen, Congratulation! Great site. I am so proud of you. Can’t wait to read what’s tomorrow. Nanny

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