Haddonfield’s Veronica’s Restaurant Resurrected as Ralic’s Steakhouse

Passing by the old Veronica’s storefront on Haddon Avenue today on my way to a pre-Girls Night Out in Haddonfield coffee I noticed a new sign hung from the restaurant’s awning. Being my nosey (and general hungry) self I ventured inside to inquire about the change.
The host informed me they switched over last week and was kind enough to let me borrow a menu. The appetizers were especially interesting with selections like gopri, warm goat cheese topped with apricot preserve on a toasted baugette, and cevapi, ground and seasoned meat served fingerling style on flatbread with sour cream and an eggplant/roasted pepper spread! Unaware of the origins of such delicious soundin dishes, I Googled. According to the all-knowing search engine the cuisine is part of the Ottoman tradition.

Hopefully they’ll still be open tonight and I’ll get to try! Menu pic to follow 🙂

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$15 for $30 at the British Chip Shop-Haddonfield

Today’s Living Social South Jersey deal of the day is a $30 gift certificate for only $15 to spend in Haddonfield’s The British Chip Shop on authentic dishes like bangers and mash, classic battered fish and chips, and new fried fare like battered Mars bars.

I’ve stopped in to take a look around and grab a ginger beer but have not had the opportunity to check out the food.  I bought my deal and am excited to head back in during their 9am to 2pm Sunday Brunch for Cadbury chocolate French toast, Scottish Salmon, and bacon pancakes! Promotional value expires on August 24, 2011 www.thebritishchipshop.com

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Sweet Boutique in Cherry Hill Saves the V-Day

Jilly B's in Cherry Hill jerzEATS

Jilly B behind the counter.

Prompted to visit by news of a special Valentine’s Day promotion, I stopped by Jilly B’s Boutique & Treats in Cherry Hill to check out the shop and meet Jilly B herself. The promotion–$150 for a year supply of their small yogurt (works out to one treat a week for the year) or $100 for a 30-day supply—is a good deal for the one you hold closest to your heart (pun intended) especially considering the four percent hike in last year’s price of that old Valentine’s Day staple, roses.

Jill Schafer or Jilly B, a nickname bestowed upon the owner by her grandmother that encapsulates the whimsical and sweet approach of the shop, introduced me to the store’s wares. Jill said she loved frozen yogurt but wanted something tastier than most of the new franchises’ water and powder Jilly B store jerzEATSbased product and more sanitary than the self-serve option that’s popping up. Jill chose the California concept of pairing food service and retail like serve-ware, cute aprons, and jewelry and went with a milk and cream based yogurt low in fat and sugar and high in probiotics that’s a little more fun and tastier than everyday yogurt.

Taste I did. While every flavor I tried was nice I’d have to say hands down that my favorite is the sweet and tangy original—even better with a drizzle of their locally produced honey. The close runner up is their chocolate, a richer cocoa taste than I’ve experience with even some ice creams, and my top pairing that you must try your next visit is the peanut butter yogurt with berry melba sauce, a combo that took me right back to my favorite school sandwich! As Jill said, “You can go out and treat yourself and it doesn’t have to be a lot of money. It’s also about portion control.”

Red Velvet Jilly B jerzEATS

Signature Red Velvet cupcake

Jilly B’s cupcakes are the perfect portion if you have a serious sweet tooth craving, and are topped with what I believe is the ideal amount of cream cheese icing. You absolutely need enough to get a few licks off the top before getting to the full cake experience. My two choices were the signature Red Velvet and a seasonal that the customers just won’t let go away, the Jewish apple cupcake. Not to cheat on the Red Velvet but I think I may have a new favorite!

All in all, Jilly B’s is a great new place to stop in for a lunch break snack, dessert quick pick-up, or that last minute hostess gift. The space and Jill are welcoming (at least three people who knew her by name stopped in while she introduced me to the shop’s flavors) and I can’t wait to see the next new things from the store as Jilly B’s powers through its first year. Keep a look out going into spring and summer for more seating inside and out, a grab-and-go yogurt freezer, and seasonal flavors that might include new fruits like mango and pineapple.

Location: 100 Springdale Road, Cherry Hill, NJ 08003

Hours: Sun-Tues 11am-8pm; Wed-Thu 10am-9pm; Fri-Sat 10am-10pm

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Pinsetter Pays Back: Wed Night Civil Service Guest Bartenders

Pinsetters Pays Back jerzEATSPinsetter Bar & Bowl in Camden’s neighboring town of Pennsauken has found a way to pay back the laid off police officers and firefighters of the City of Camden for their years of service by offering guest bartender spots on Wednesday nights during the month of February starting on the 9th.

From 6:00PM to close the bowling alley will host one laid off serviceman or woman giving them the opportunity to raise funds for their family, friends, and fellow ex-coworkers by working behind the bar for all who come out to support the cause, Pinsetter Pays Back.

Each Pays Back night features $2 bowling games, with $1 directly toward both service unions as a charitable donation, $2.50 bottle beer specials, raffles, and a portion of the gratuity raised at the bar during Pinsetter Pays Back will go directly to the laid off police officer or firefighter working the event each night. Pinsetter Bar & Bowl pledges to give each of the services’ unions a check to help avoid such extreme layoffs in the future.

Call the bowling alley at 856-665-3377 or email info@pinsetterbowl.com regarding contributing to or participating in the cause. Check out the event invite on Facebook and spread the word!

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$8 for $16 at PYT-Burgers and Shakes for Adults

PYT jerzeatsI know it’s over the bridge in Philly but I have been dying to check PYT out for their specialty burgers (Cheesesteak Pretzel Bun Burger anyone?) and shakes laced with bourbon or Kahlua among other selections.  At 50% from Groupon.com why not?! Check it out here!

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“Jersey Fresh” Expanded to Baked Goods

Gov. Christie signed into law Wednesday, measure S-1179 which designates baked goodsJersey Fresh - jerzEATS and other food products made with “Jersey Fresh” ingredients as “Made With Jersey Fresh.”

Hopefully the promotion of local products using the popular “Jersey Fresh” name, established in 1983, will give a boost to our home state’s farmers and entrepreneurs.

Keep a look out for the label next time you shop.

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A Holiday Gift for One Lucky Local NJ Restaurant

A Holiday Gift for One Lucky Local NJ Restaurant. JerseyBites.com is listing a sweepstakes for Jersey Shore restaurants to win a food photography prize pack.  Check it out if you need some help with your restaurant’s website and print media images.

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